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SchoSol Age Summer Camp

School Age - Kids Summer Camp

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We are excited to have your child(ren) join us this summer for Kids Camp! Please use the form below to select the weeks you would like to enroll. We will not be enrolling more than 20 students per week. We will enroll in a first come first serve manner. You will be sent an invoice via QuickBooks to the email listed below for the camp registration fee ($50). This invoice will list all of the dates you have secured, or if you were placed on the waitlist for any date. Your enrollment will be secured once this fee is submitted. 


Families will be invoiced for the weeks they are registered for on a monthly basis:

Invoice Date: May 20 (Camp Weeks 5/27-6/21)

Invoice Date: June 17 (Camp Weeks 6/24-7/19)

Invoice Date: July 22 (Camp Weeks 7/22-8/9)


*All invoices will be set up to pay via ACH and include a $10 convenience fee. If you prefer to pay in person via check or cash you may disregard this fee on your invoice. 


* Families may cancel a week of enrollment with 1 months notice to Magnolia Learning Academy without any penalty. Cancellation with less than 1 months notice will require a $125 fee. This is due to staffing and supplies already being allocated for these weeks. 

Registration Link Below:

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