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Ages 3-4 years

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Three-year-olds are special! They are transitioning from parallel play to interactive play, and their language capacity is blossoming. They are becoming more mobile and learning to show genuine affection and concern for their peers. Frog Street Threes meets the unique needs of three-year-olds and provides intentional instruction in key areas of development so children ages 36-48 months can continue on the path to kindergarten readiness.


Frog Street Threes enhances literacy development and creates a “social bridge” as children this age begin to interact and share with others. It also lays the cornerstones for math concepts such as attributes, classification, and patterns, while integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) content throughout the week.


Frog Street Threes uses early brain development research as the framework for instruction and offers strong daily routines that develop key social and emotional skills.

            2 Dean Dr, Aledo, TX 76008                                                                  

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